Axe Throwing League Format

Our axe throwing league will run for 8 weeks. You will be allowed to have practice throws and warm up (be there on time or early). For the first 7 weeks everyone will get at least 40 competitive throws per night.

Your score for each throw will be tallied and recorded. This will ensure that we’re not ranking you based on who you go up against – rather, your skills at hitting the bullseye to get top scores. Top scores will then make it to the Championship Tournament in week 8 to determine the Crabby Axe Throwing League Champion!

As members of the WATL, your scores are recorded so you can see how you rank among WATL players around the world. We all know axe throwing is taking the world by storm, but did you know the best of the best made it on ESPN? Well it’s true! WATL league players have the chance to go to the World Axe Throwing League Championship that will air on ESPN.

League Registration Cost

The cost for a season of the Axe Throwing League is $120.00 + tax.

The Fall 2019 Season will begin Wednesday, September 25th from 7-9pm.  Registration will be opened until Sunday, September 22nd.  Please come in durning our normal business hours to register. During the 8 week period, leagues will be held every Wednesday night from 7-9pm.


  • 8 weeks of league play 
  • Crabby Axe League T-Shirt
  • Scores electronically recorded on WATL’s official scoreboar

Crabby Axe League Shirt

Will it make you a top scorer? Maybe - but you can bet your axe you will look like a champ in our League T!

8 Weeks of Crabby Axe Throwing Fun!

Your scores will be tallied and recorded to rank your skills at hitting the bullseye.

Crabby Axe Throwing League Champion!

Top scores will make it to the Championship Tournament in week 8!