Crabby Axe Throwing: World Axe Throwing League (WATL)

2023 WATL League Season:



Winter 2023: January 11th –  March 1st


Spring 2023: April 5th – May 24th


Summer 2023: June 28th – August 16th


Fall 2023: September 20th – November 8th



Spring 2023 WATL Champions:

Hatchet League: Paw Paw (Right)

Paw Paws’ Season Stats:
High Score: 62
Total Score: 1462
26 Wins, 2 Losses

Big Axe League: Graham (Right)

Grahams’ Season Stats:
High Score: 28
Total Score: 603
21 Wins, 7 Losses

Duals League: Fast & Furious 

Fast & Furious’ Season Stats:

High Score: 51
Total Score: 1222
23 Wins, 5 Losses

League Cost:

The cost for a season of the Individual League is $145.00 + tax

The cost for a season of the Duals League is $145.00 + tax

The cost for a season of the Big Axe League is $145.00 + tax

The cost for a Marathon League is $115.00 + tax

The cost for a WKTL is $100.00 + tax



** When signing up for multiple leagues the first league is $145 and each additional is $75.  This does not include Marathon League and WKTL. **

What is included in the league cost?:


8 weeks of league play

Crabby Axe League Swag

Scores electronically recorded on WATL’s official scoreboard

Discounted practice  

Summer 2023: June 28th – August 16th

Summer 2023 Season will begin Wednesday, June 28th practice throws beginning at 6:30pm.  We will start the night with Individual league with Big Axe and Duals to follow.  Registration will be open until the first night of league commencement.  Please register using the link below. During the 8 week period, leagues will be held every Wednesday night from 7-9pm.


Use the blue links below to register:

Summer 2023 Individual League

Summer 2023 Duals League 

Summer 2023 Big Axe League



For more information about WATL please visit the links below:


World Axe Throwing League: Rules & Formatting

World Axe Throwing League: About Us


If you have any questions please email us at